About us

  HCNT Industrial Co., Ltd. applies magnetic levitation technology to handicrafts and advertising display equipment to realize high-tech factories for mass production. It pioneered the development of the international market for magnetic levitation process displays.

  The magnetic suspension products produced by HCNT have strong expressive power and are widely used in craft gifts, advertising displays, children's toys, science and education instruments, sculpture art and religious sacred objects.

  HCNT currently has two technical research and mass production bases, and has received strong support from Victoria Studios & Painting Studio (VICTORIA'S CULPTURE & PAINTING) to continuously introduce internationally renowned designs. HCNT's technology research base is located in Guangdong Province, China. Currently, 12 world-class magnetic levitation technology experts and various engineering and technical personnel serve the base. HCNT continues to develop magnetic levitation technology and magnetic levitation products. After years of efforts, HCNT's magnetic levitation technology has applied for invention patents in China and the United States. Chinese invention patent number: ZL200610065336.1, US invention patent number: US 8, 294, 542, B2

  HCNT is the corporate brand of HCNT Industrial Company Ltd. After more than ten years of development, HCNT's image and value are trusted by customers. Facing the new era of global economy, we will build a world-renowned magnetic levitation brand with a harmonious and win-win concept, professional and dedicated attitude, innovation and transcendence.